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Original Ways to Celebrate National Trails Day 2024

Outdoor adventurers unite. It’s time to enjoy the best day of the year - National Trails Day 2024. Now before you lace up your shoes, let’s chat about the significance of this day, which has been celebrated for the past thirty years.

What is National Trails Day?

You guessed it - precisely what it sounds like. According to the American Hiking Society, this special day takes place every first Saturday in June, with National Trails Day 2024 falling on June 1st. It is designed to intentionally shine a light on advocacy efforts for public trail maintenance, so all who love to explore by foot, bike, or even on horse, can continue to do so safely. 

Essentially, this is a friendly reminder to do what you can to push forward positive change and leave each trail better than you found it. At Cutter & Buck, this day resonates deeply with our mission and Toward Ever Better initiative, as we are relentlessly committed to protecting our planet by creating sustainable apparel for outdoor adventures. And since we are based in Seattle, we are always up for wandering through the noteworthy trails throughout the Pacific Northwest all year round. 

If you’re excited to celebrate, check out a few ideas to get started below. 


5 Creative Ways to Celebrate National Trails Day 2024


Take A Challenging Hike

Person hiking up a trail

If hiking is already a part of your routine, try something out of the ordinary. Perhaps you’ve marked down a local trail that seems interesting, but intense. This is your sign to go for it. 

For instance, if you usually hike on flatter trails, try a trail with a steeper elevation. Or, if you’ve never hiked through a river or scaled rocks, get the right gear to conquer a new terrain. If you try something more challenging like rock climbing, we recommend scratch-proof and stretchy top layers, like a durable men’s quarter-zip or a comfortable women’s full-zip jacket

A quick disclaimer - we never want you to push yourself beyond your limits, so start small if you need to. It’s completely fine if you head back to the trailhead early. 

And if you end up sticking with your usual beloved trail, that’s great. Try moving through it at a faster pace, or taking a longer detour. Either way, you got this! 


Find A Trail Worth Traveling To 

Sometimes the best trails are in our backyards, and sometimes, they require crossing state lines. If you’ve been eager to explore a destination trail you’ve always had your eye on, June is a great time of year to travel with warmer temperatures. 

To determine which area you’re willing to trek to, download the AllTrails app and start marking down your favorites. And remember, you can never go wrong with visiting a National Park, some of which may be within driving distance, especially if you share our hometown in the Pacific Northwest. 

No matter what you land on, trust us that the road trip will be well worth it. 


Gather Friends For A Camping Trip

Campers at a campsite looking at a sunset next to a tent.

Want to turn National Trails Day into a two-day celebration? Grab a group of friends to go hiking and camping overnight. Spending quality time outside with loved ones is a great bonding experience, especially for those new to immersing themselves in nature. 

A bonus of doing this activity in June is that depending on your location, mountain trails have typically warmed up by this point, yet peak summer humidity hasn’t quite set in. 

If you commit to an overnight camping trip, pack plenty of food, insulated tumblers, and portable coolers for hot June days.  But for cooler nights by the campfire, bring something extra warm like this soft men’s sherpa jacket or this cozy women’s hoodie

Once your group is packed and prepared, map out a few trails you want to explore and take advantage of clear skies for stargazing or early morning hikes to watch the sunrise. 


Participate In A Local Community Event

Still trying to figure out what to do for National Trails Day? Let the American Hiking Society take the lead. They pulled together a helpful search engine on their site to connect you with events in your area. All you have to do is follow this link and enter your zip code. 

From there, you can find trails to explore, trail service projects, group trail runs, and clean-up events. Whatever event you choose, if the forecast calls for rain, don’t let it stop you from showing up. Prepare for any element with hybrid water-resistant outerwear like a hooded men’s jacket or a protective women’s jacket.

And if an event isn’t in the cards, you can always donate to organizations that protect and preserve trails, like the American Hiking Society, or the National Park Foundation. 


Go Bird-Watching 

A blue bird

If you prefer a slower pace on National Trails Day, take the time to pause. With summer just around the corner, this is the perfect time to see nature at its peak, and that includes birds. Find a local trail that’s popular for bird-watching, whether it’s a simple lookout point or a peaceful body of water. 

Typically, the best times to spot birds are from dawn until mid-morning, so get up and get your binoculars to experience the early risers in full force. While birds will definitely be a spectacle, depending on your local area, you can spot other wildlife or unique greenery. 

And one last thing - bring a camera that has enhanced zoom capabilities. 

How To Unwind After National Trails Day 2024

Once you properly celebrate National Trails Day, you can enjoy relaxing activities, like heading to an outdoor barbecue or beer garden. Once you change out of your hiking clothes, you can pop on a breathable men’s polo or lightweight women’s shirt. However you choose to spend this meaningful day and the trails of life beyond it, we hope you have an awesome adventure!