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Creative Ways To Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day

To brighten the winter blues, you can look forward to Random Acts of Kindness Day. 

Let’s be honest. We’re all guilty of going about our daily routines and checking off to-do lists without thinking about the bigger picture. 

When was the last time you paused to show gratitude for what you have, or passed along a kind gesture to a stranger? Taking a bit of time to celebrate kindness will pay off by boosting your mood, deepening your sense of community, and reinforcing your purpose. 

Check out our favorite ideas to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day 2024 below! 


6 Random Acts of Kindness To Put Into Practice


1. Find A Volunteer Organization That Aligns With Your Passions

Whether you already regularly volunteer at an organization or are looking to get started, there are many simple ways to get involved and promote kindness. 

If you’re still searching for the right cause, take a moment to reflect on your values, and then find nonprofits that you can get involved in. For instance, if you’re passionate about mentoring within your industry, see if there’s an organization that can help you start advising students or conducting resume reviews. 


2. Write A Note Of Encouragement To A Friend Or ColleagueWriting an encouraging sticky note for Random Acts of Kindness Day

Whether you get out a classic pen and paper, shoot a nice text, or pick up the phone, connection is key to spreading kindness. Tell someone they did a good job, congratulate them on a big accomplishment, or send comforting words if they’re going through a challenge. Especially with long-distance friends, it can be easy to lose touch. Check in, and see how they’re doing. 

Sometimes, we need little reminders to maintain strong relationships. And we all need to be told we’re doing a good job. 


3. Make A Donation

Everyone needs a helping hand at times. Whether you’re able to give a monetary gift, or donate some of your unused items, see where you have room to give back. 

Clean out your closet, and see what clothes deserve a second life at a thrift store or clothing drop-box. For food banks in need, gather a few non-perishable cans of food, and drop them off. 

You can also make a financial donation to a cause that means a lot to you. For example, you can donate towards a scholarship fund for your college. Remember, small steps can go a long way. 


4. Give Someone An Extra Hand

Often, it can feel difficult to ask for help. Make the first move. Open a door for a stranger, help someone carry their groceries to their car, or jump into a project your colleague might be struggling with. 

It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, but we all could use an extra hand sometimes. Stay conscious, and look around to who could use your expertise, or soundboard to sort through a problem. 


5. Treat Yourself

Yes, you deserve a random act of kindness too. Show gratitude for yourself with a bit of self-care. This can look like taking a long walk, stopping by your favorite bakery, or booking a massage. 

Keep in mind that it’s easier to show kindness to others when it starts within. 


6. Protect The Planet

Recycling to be kind to the planet on Random Acts of Kindness Day

Shall we show our environment some love? Absolutely.

From recycling to using reusable water bottles or starting a compost bin, there are so many simple ways to infuse sustainability into your life. At Cutter and Buck, we are deeply committed to keeping our production processes planet-friendly. 

As part of our Toward Ever Better sustainability commitment, we are on track to produce 90% sustainable products by 2025. We also ensure equitable treatment of every single individual in our supply chain. 

Want to join us on our sustainability journey? See our favorite eco-friendly apparel finds below, which are perfect to rock if your act of kindness is outdoors, like a park clean-up. 


Cutter & Buck’s Bestselling Eco-Friendly Apparel Layers for Volunteering Outside 


Water-Resistant and Resilient Jackets 


Her Sustainable Style: Cutter & Buck Charter Eco Recycled Women’s Anorak JacketPlanet-friendly Cutter & Buck Charter Eco Recycled Womens Anorak Jacket

The one thing about the weather? It’s unpredictable and can be unkind at times. Don’t let surprise rain showers slow you down. Pack this sustainably-made women’s rain jacket for ultimate wind and water protection. And if the sky clears, you can easily fold it into its packable pouch. 

Jacket Features:

  • Body: 100% Recycled Polyester with DWR water-resistant finish
  • Material made from an average of 23 recycled plastic bottles
  • Attached packable pouch
  • Adjustable elastic drawcord at hem
  • Machine Wash

Price: $85.00 - Ships free!

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His Sustainable Style: Cutter & Buck Rainier PrimaLoft® Mens Eco-Insulated Full Zip Puffer JacketPlanet-friendly Cutter & Buck Rainier PrimaLoft® Mens Eco Insulated Full Zip Puffer Jacket

Another versatile packable jacket? This men’s puffer is made with durable and breathable recycled insulation for all-season wear. It also features several zippered pockets, so you can easily store your belongings for active volunteer days, such as a park clean-up.

Jacket Features:

  • 100% Nylon Shell, Primaloft® Silver Insulation made from 70% recycled Polyester
  • Contains an average of 5 recycled plastic bottles
  • Wind & water resistant
  • Concealed stowaway hood packs inside collar
  • Machine Wash

Price: $200.00 - Ships free!

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Breathable Mid-Layers 


Her Sustainable Style: Cutter & Buck Adapt Eco Knit Heather Recycled Women’s Full Zip

Planet-friendly Cutter & Buck Adapt Eco Knit Heather Recycled Womens Full Zip

Perfect for spring volunteer days, like organizing or running a 5K, this sustainable and breathable women’s full zip offers the prime balance of wind resistance, stretch, and lightweight warmth. It’s made for layering too, so you can simply throw it under the women’s jacket above, or a vest.

Full Zip Features:

  • Body: 90% Recycled Polyester, 10% Spandex Heather Knit Jersey
  • Material made from an average of 15 recycled plastic bottles
  • Flattering shaped seams
  • Front welt zip pockets
  • Machine Wash

Price: $75.00 - Ships free!

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His Sustainable Style: Cutter & Buck Adapt Eco Knit Stretch Recycled Mens Quarter Zip Pullover

Planet-friendly Cutter & Buck Adapt Eco Knit Stretch Recycled Mens Quarter Zip Pullover

No matter where you’re volunteering, this planet-friendly men’s pullover can be easily dressed up or down. With a lightweight brushed fleece interior, this is a solid base layer for chillier days. And, it’s offered in more than a dozen bold shades so you can find your favorite color. 

Pullover Features:

  • 88% Recycled Polyester 12% Spandex Knit Jersey
  • Contains an average of 16 recycled plastic bottles
  • Raglan sleeve
  • Novelty contrast stitch zipper
  • Machine Wash

Price: $70.00 - Ships free!

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A Friendly Reminder

While we are looking forward to celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day, you can start anytime you want, or keep the tradition going for the entire year. If you try out any ideas from the list, feel free to share them on social media and tag us. Enjoy!