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Who is Cutter and Buck?

Since the 90s, Cutter and Buck has been an industry favorite for high-quality, versatile clothing that’s proven to weather all seasons of life (metaphorically and literally).

Over the year’s our passions have grown and we’ve evolved from an exclusive golf company to a more holistic lifestyle brand. A brand that strives to achieve synergy between our clothing and the everyday pursuits and passions of our friends and family.

Who we are

First and foremost, we are proudly Pacific Northwest - rooted in Seattle and always ready for more. We are a proud ambassador of the pioneering spirit with which we live here. The Pacific Northwest even inspired our name. We chose “Cutter” and “Buck” as symbols of the region we know and love - the place where the sea and the mountains meet.

We believe there’s epic in everyday life in the Pacific Northwest, available to all who seek it. We’re adventurous at heart and have a deep appreciation for our surrounding nature as a source for rest, beauty, and recreation. And with that, are passionate about preserving its natural resources and all mother Earth has to offer.

What we love

So we encourage you to enjoy our iconic clothing in your next adventures...
Whether it's an after-work hike to find inspiration at a favorite viewpoint or a fresh seafood dinner in the buzzing neon glow of Pike Place Market.

Or pitching the next game-changing idea, a happy hour at the driving range, & “sailgating" on Lake Washington outside Husky Stadium. Whatever your adventure is, know that we are finding new ways forward in the everyday pursuit of amazing - just like you.

Our mission

Wherever you live or work, our mission is to share the pioneering spirit of the Pacific Northwest with you. Driving you to push beyond what is, to what could be in your everyday life.

That’s why we hold ourselves to the highest standards of product and service.
We deliver unwavering quality and craftsmanship because our neighbors are our customers. And strive for harmony between business, nature, and society. We hold ourselves responsible for minimizing our environmental impact by making highly durable, highly versatile products that you can trust.

So welcome all you seekers of new frontiers and up-for-anything instigators. Cutter and Buck is designed to be your favorite brand, your tried and true.

With exceptional versatility and iconic design, we are the genuine spirit of the Pacific Northwest.

We look forward to seeing you out there.