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Where to go Mountain Biking in the PNW

It’s time to get your mountain bike out of the garage and dust off those cobwebs. As we approach this sunny, spring weather, I am sure you are eager to get back out to the trails. Lucky for you, the Pacific Northwest is famous for their wide range of mountain bike trails.

Here are our top picks for mountain biking in the Pacific Northwest:


1. For Getting Back into Mountain Biking Season

Close to Seattle, Tiger Mountain offers some of the best climbing and downhill mountain bike trails. It is a great place to get back on the bike and start the season if you’re feeling a little rusty. These trails for mountain biking are dog friendly and feature wildflowers for those that are looking for a beginner trail as they work their way up to more challenging bike trails. Enjoy over 15 miles of trails through the forest. During the spring months you can expect to see trillium, yellow violets, bleeding heart, and coltsfoot along the bike trails.

Person Biking on Tiger Mountain

Location: Issaquah, Washington

Mountain Highlights: Beginner and expert friendly. Dogs allowed on leash.


2. Trails for the whole family…

Looking for a trail that fits everyone’s biking skills? Check out Galbraith Mountain. North of Seattle, Galbraith offers more than 65 miles of trail with jumps, steep downhill trails, drops, berms, and more. You might need a couple of days for biking in the mountains here!

Person Biking on Galbraith Mountain

Location: Bellingham, Washington

Mountain Highlights: 65 miles of trail, and great for all levels of riders.


3. For a short, but thrilling ride…

If you’re looking for a trail that isn’t super long and want to go fast, Black Rock mountain is the perfect place for you. It is known to be all downhill, so wear your most protective gear when going for a ride here. First-time mountain bike riders will enjoy the Player Slayer trail while those that bike regularly can enjoy expert trails for mountain biking like the Sickter Gnar, Granny’s Kitchen, and The Runaround.


Person Biking on Black Rock Mountain

Location: Falls City, Oregon

Mountain Highlights: Fast, thrilling, downhill rides.


4. For beginners that want a challenge…

Post Canyon trails are for riders that want a relaxing, yet exciting experience. This trail is great for beginners, and lets you get a feel for mountain biking challenges on a manageable level. After you finish this 17-mile ride, head to nearby Hood River to enjoy local craft breweries and farm to table restaurants.


People Biking on Post Canyon Mountain

Location: Hood River, Oregon

Hiking Highlights: 17 miles of trail for beginners that want to improve their skills.


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