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Cutter and Buck's Seattle Inspired Discovery Jacket

Fun fact - even thought our hometown of Seattle is know for it's rainy weather, it doesn’t rain as much as you’d think. We actually get less rain than New Orleans, and have fewer rainy days than Buffalo, N.Y.

In fact, when Seattleites think of weather, we often think of windy days. The Emerald City may not be the Windy City, but our location behind the Olympic Mountains and beside Puget Sound creates quite the rush of air. Especially feel the wind in the city’s largest park, Discovery Park.

Discovery Park is located on a bluff overlooking the water; the ground used to be an old military post called Fort Lawton. The views are spectacular, but you’ll want to put on an extra layer to appreciate them!

That's why we've create the perfect layer for enjoying Seattle sites and hikes alike. Named after one of our favorite places, the Discovery Windblock Collection will beat the breeze every time. 

Man wearing Cutter and Buck men's Discovery Windblock Jacket. Woman wearing Cutter and Buck ladies Discovery Windblock Jacket.

It’s a bonded, dual-layer piece that fuses cotton and fleece with a laminate that provides warmth in ill winds and chilly temps. It’s the ideal windbreaker for all your urban adventures. 

We've also introduced the Discovery Hybrid Jacket that does even more. With an added quilted front that repels water you'll be protected when it does decided to rain.

Shop our full collection of Discovery Jackets and start adventuring. 

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You'll never have to stop with Cutter and Buck. 

Happy exploring!