How to shop for big and tall: A complete guide

Finding the right fit for men’s clothes can be a challenge - especially when you’re not 100% sure what size you fall into. It can be hard to know what to order, without trying it on or seeing it in person.

Add on the extra layer of not knowing if you should purchase the shirt or pair of pants in a regular or a big and tall size, and it’s no wonder you end up confused and frustrated! With the lack of options available for men’s big and tall sizes, it can get discouraging when shopping for fun and comfortable clothes that truly feel like you.

Buying the right size in men’s clothing can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve recognized the gap in the market for high-quality and stylish clothing options for big and tall men.

Check out our complete guide to shopping for big and tall men’s clothing.


When Do You Shop for Big and Tall Clothing?

How do you know if you should order a men’s big and tall size versus a men’s regular size?

First of all, if you’re over 6’1”, generally you are most likely a fit for tall clothing sizes. In order to know for sure, measure the length of your arms. This can be the deciding factor between choosing a tall shirt size or a regular shirt size.

If your clothes aren’t fitting properly, take inventory of the areas where you see this happening. If the length is not hitting at the right part of your arms or legs, it may be a sign to measure your body and look into tall clothing options. If your shirts are feeling too baggy or boxy in the waist, you may need to transition from a big and tall size to a regular size.


Measure Your Body to Find the Correct Sizing

The easiest way to ensure your clothes are going to be the appropriate size and fit is to measure your body before purchasing. Avoid the hassle of making returns or exchanges and take your measurements beforehand.

This Fit & Size Chart below is always available on our website for easy reference.

A general rule of thumb to use when taking your measurements is if your hips and chest are similar in width, you’re most likely a regular size, rather than a big and tall size.

Measuring for long sleeves can get a little trickier because you want to measure your arm bent at a 90-degree angle to get the proper fit. For long sleeve shirt measurements, start at your shoulder and measure down to your bent elbow, and then again from your bent elbow to your wrist. Add those two measurements together and that is the correct length for your long sleeve shirt.


Buying Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Big & Tall

Not knowing your measurements before buying.

Taking your measurements may seem like a hassle. But you could take that time spent making returns and use it for measuring instead. Use the fit and size chart available on our website that we mentioned above to learn how to take your measurements easily.

Purchasing big & tall sizes when you’re just tall.

If you’re tall and have a hard time finding shirts that are the right length for your arms, buying big and tall sizes may not be the solution for you. Many big and tall clothes can be one width throughout the torso, which can look boxy on those that are just looking for length in the sleeves. You don’t want your pants looking like highwaters, but you also don’t want them to be too baggy and ill-fitting either. Taking your measurements so you know exactly what you need will help solve both of these problems.

Too large of prints on big & tall clothing.

Big and tall men's clothing can often get plain and boring quickly. On the flip side, large prints can also be very distracting. Avoid the mistake of wearing too large of prints on big and tall clothing by seeking out shirts and pants with smaller prints or prints that are an all-over pattern. Some of the best patterns to buy in big and tall sizing are plaid, stripes, or a small busier pattern like a floral. Steer away from the plain and boring options by introducing more color and smaller patterns into your clothing options.


Here are our top 3 best-selling polos with a large size range available.

Cutter & Buck Advantage Tri-Blend Pique Mens Big and Tall Polo

This polo is one of our best sellers for big and tall guys. Being a crowd favorite means there’s a lot to live up to, but this polo exceeds those standards. The Advantage Polo is engineered for versatility and is designed to be your go-to short sleeve polo shirt.


Cutter & Buck CB Drytec Genre Textured Solid Mens Big and Tall Polo

The CB Drytec Genre Polo is designed to be long-lasting while making you look good throughout your active day. As another one of our best sellers, this polo’s fabric feels light and breathable while providing UV sun protection as well. This polo is available in a wide variety of colors and has a subtle check pattern.


Big & Tall Pike Polo Zig Zag Print

The zig-zag print on our Pike Polo is guaranteed to look good from tee time to happy hour. Look sharp while wearing a versatile polo built for durability and comfort.


Explore more big and tall clothes from Cutter & Buck including shirts, jackets, pants, shorts, and more. We have a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes that keep you looking sharp from work to weekend.