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Introducing the Cutter and Buck Limited Edition Pike Polos

There’s nothing like a new, printed shirt to put a spring in your step and freshen up your overall look. And when are the best times to bust out a new print?

We asked Jee Kim, the designer of our new collection of limited-edition Pike Polos, for her take on the three occasions that truly call for color. This is what she told us. Two men wearing Cutter & Buck limited-edition Pike Polos

When You’re Going to a New Place
About to head away for some vacation travel? A printed shirt can get you in that resort mindset, especially if it’s a floral or vintage-inspired pattern.

For example, consider our Pike Vine Polo  Jee says, “This a great print if you’re going to Hawaii in January. It has a lot of movement, and it’s nice, light and fun.”

When You’re Heading into a New Season
Even if you’re not headed to some sunny destination, you can be sure the sun will eventually reach you, wherever you are. So as the calendar turns, consider a change in prints to match the new season.

Right now, the Pike Double Dot Polo is high on Jee’s list. “We’re just done with the holidays, so it’s refreshing to see something nice and light rather than those heavy winter,” she says. “That’s how you know it’s spring!”

Man wearing Cutter & Buck Pike Double Dot Polo 

When You’re Seeking a New Look

Finally, it’s always great to have a versatile, multicolored print in the wardrobe that you can use to breathe life into the other items you routinely wear. Jee recommends the Pike Balanced Plaid Polo or Pike Checkerboard Polo.

 “It’s nice to have a staple that’s dressy and classic,” she says. “And any print with a third color gives you the ability to do fun pops of color in terms of layering, which gives you a little more versatility.”

Explore our line of Pike Polos today and find the perfect fit for you!

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