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5 Outdoor Activities to Offset the Winter Blues

While winter has many upsides, it’s not the easiest season to navigate emotionally. Shorter periods of sunlight, cloudy forecasts, and chilly or icy temperatures can make it difficult to feel motivated and may leave you wondering how to improve your mood in winter.

Often, these mood swings can be passing winter blues, or they can signal a deeper issue, such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a prevalent mental health condition that’s caused by a lack of Vitamin D, which is typically absorbed from the sun. 

Either way, managing these unfun feelings or frustrations is completely possible. While it’s not a one-size-fits-all cure, spending more time doing activities outside can have a positive impact on your mood, and be one of the many reasons how outdoor activities help with seasonal affective disorder. 

Just by stepping out your door, you’re allowing yourself to smell the fresh air and soak in some much-needed rays of sunshine.

For more ideas to relieve the winter blues and boost endorphins, check out our list below.


5 Ways To Get Outside And Beat The Winter Blues


1. Join A Run Club

Joining a run club in winter

While you may not always feel excited to grab your sneakers, there’s power in numbers. See if your neighborhood has a run or walk club, and join to keep your routine consistent. It’s also a great way to meet new friends and build your community. 

And if a club is not locally available, you can easily find virtual groups on social media too. If you’re feeling up for it, sign up for a race in a few months so the training will feel well worth it. 

If you decide to brave the cold and get your steps in, we recommend bundling up in layers, starting with a moisture-wicking base with long sleeves. For early morning or evening runs, wear a bold color to stand out if you’re running near a road. And to deflect pesky gusts of wind, be sure to throw on a cozy ear headband or hat. 


Go Ice Skating

Whether you’re inspired by the Winter Olympics or just looking for a fun outdoor exercise idea, ice skating at an outdoor rink is an excellent call. Ice skating is an excellent total-body cardio workout, but also a great mental stabilizer as you focus on moving with intention and balancing.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll love the positive energy that gliding provides. You can leave the rink feeling accomplished, which is sure to boost your mood. Just be sure you wear thick socks to avoid blisters from skates. 


Take A Winter Hike

Taking a winter hike to offset winter blues

While a hike may not be your first thought during winter, it’s one of the best seasons to take an adventure. 

With low temperatures, there are often less people at crowded trailheads, and more opportunities to see local wildlife. It will also be a fun active challenge, as some trails may be icy, and take a little bit longer to get to the captivating view. 

Also, if you choose a long trail, that means you’ll have more exposure to the sun. While you’ll want to absorb as much Vitamin D as possible, wearing sunscreen and UPF UV+ protective outdoor layers is recommended. 


Practice Your Golf Swing to Prepare for Spring

Winter is the perfect time to practice your swing in preparation for your most successful spring and summer golf seasons to date. Bundle up in a breathable, agile jacket from our golf apparel collection and head to the range to proactively prepare for the peak golf seasons. You’ll enjoy the endorphin release and how your game translates once the competitive rounds kick off.

And if you’re heading out for a complete round of golf, check out these tips for what to wear, and the equipment you should bring. 


Take a Ski or Snowboarding Trip

Taking a ski & snowboard trip to offset winter blues

Perhaps winter’s biggest advantage is that it’s prime ski and snowboard season. 

Since it’s colder at the top of the slopes, make sure you’re equipped with warm, insulated material, like cozy sherpa. And if you’ve never hit the slopes before, challenge yourself to take a beginner's lesson. 

Much like the other activities mentioned, skiing or snowboarding are great high-intensity workouts, a fun mental challenge, and something that can easily be done with a group of friends or family, who will always put you in a positive mood. 


Outdoor Apparel to Support Your Winter Activities

Now that you have a good sense of a few outdoor activities that can put a pep in your snowy steps, browse our outdoor apparel collection to stay stylish and comfortable as you breathe in that fresh, invigorating cold air.

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