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Transitioning From Working From Home To Office: 3 Tips

A new season reminds us of the important, yet unstoppable nature of change.

This year has brought us more change than we ever thought possible, completely shifting our routines, especially where and how we work. Some companies are establishing permanently remote work, while others are transitioning from working from home to office. 

This is naturally causing mixed feelings, as nearly two-thirds of workers are concerned about the return to officeWhen faced with uncertainty, we’re reminded of our commitment to versatility

We all have the ability to remain agile and adaptable, which means we are all able to embrace change. Sometimes, it starts with something small you can control, like the clothes we choose to wear when working from home or the cup of coffee we drink before starting our day.

According to an article by Health Essentials, this is how clothes affect your performance:

“The right wardrobe can help you transition back into your role. Consider buying a new outfit or refreshing your wardrobe a little by adding pieces that make you feel comfortable.”

Explore a few more of our transition tips below, paired with our favorite versatile picks, built for your ever-shifting environment.

Tips To Return To Office After Working From Home

1. Make A Game Plan

As a recent Forbes article discusses, try to gradually change your routine and communicate with your coworkers about a plan that works for you. Try working in an office one day per week, then slowly build up to a full week. At home, try incorporating more business looks into your wardrobe to ease your way in and make the return to office much more manageable.

Fit for business casual Zoom meetings and in-person conferences, step confidently into our men’s relaxed-fit Greenwood stretch denim. Crafted with 98% soft cotton and 2% spandex, our men's denim is 100% comfortable for answering emails from your couch.

Men's Greenwood Stretch Denim

Start your first day back in the office with a good stretch. Our oxford women’s button-down long-sleeve dress shirt promises all-day crispness, giving you clear confidence for your big boardroom presentation.

Oxford Women's Button Down

2.  Set Time For Self Care

VeryWellMind recently advised to set up a healthy routine, which can look like a consistent meal schedule, set bedtime, or your favorite way to sweat, whether it’s an outdoor activity or indoor bike ride.

Not an early riser for your workout? Try dressing for the gym at work with these versatile pieces and easy layers. This way, the return to office won’t interfere with your commute after work to the gym.

Want to destress after work? Power down your computer and pick up your clubs for a quick round with our women’s Advantage Tri-Blend Pique Women’s Polo. The moisture-wicking fabric is equally high-quality and stylish, and it’s offered in more than a dozen shades.

Advantage Tri-Blend Pique Women's Polo

A perfect pair to your favorite Cutter and Buck polo, throw on our men’s DryTech Edge Half Zip to head straight to the gym. It’s all in the details with our dual-textured piecing and piping at the front and back.

3. Pick A Small Routine, and Stick To It

When life feels out of whack, it can be difficult to regain your center. To restore confidence, Harvard Business Review recommends finding a “point of control,” like making time to savor a cup of coffee before you clock in. Focus on what you can control, not what you can’t.

Speaking of things you can’t control, the weather is always unpredictable. Commute to work with confidence knowing you’ll stay dry with our men’s Vapor Water Repellent Stretch Full Zip Rain Jacket.

Men's Vapor Water Repellent Rain Jacket

We also can’t forget the unpredictability of the office thermostat. Stay warm in every conference room, or wherever there is WiFi, with our women’s Lakemont Tri-Blend Women’s V-Neck Pullover Sweater. Iconic and crafted with cotton, nylon, and spandex for exceptional comfort in any setting, this women's pullover sweater is perfect for fluctuating office temperatures.

Now that you know how to combat stress and crush your next conference call both in person and remotely, we’d love to hear your tips for transitioning from working from home to office. Share them below, or shoot us a Tweet.