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The Fairway: Great Golfing Rain Gear

So, you check the weather and the forecast is a 40% chance of rain. Do you keep your tee time? As long as the course stays open – and as long as it’s not torrential – we say test your game in the elements. There’s no reason to stay home or cut your game short if you’re suited up in weather-appropriate clothes. 

And that’s where our Fairway waterproof half-zips and vest come in. These water-resistant, breathable layers come in a variety of colorful options. And each packs into its own pocket to conveniently stow in your golf bag or carry-on.


Half-Zip Fairway

Neck-to-wrist water protection for a comfortable game. Reflective trim adds visibility on darker days, and zippered pockets keep your phone and wallet dry, too.


S_S Half-Zip

If a few raindrops on the forearms are okay with you, then go with this one. It’s a short-sleeve top that keeps your core dry and your wrists unhindered.


Full-Zip Vest

If you’re a fan of having more airflow than a jacket typically allows, our waterproof vest is just the ticket. Front pockets keep extra tees accessible. 


So keep those tee times even when the weather is iffy – and keep dry until your very last putt.