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Perfectionists: We Made These Polos for You

Invented in the 1920s to make sportswear more comfortable, the polo shirt has had many years of refinement, and you shouldn’t have to compromise on look, feel or fit—so don’t.   

Of course, “perfect” is different for everybody and every body. New innovations in design elements and fabric technologies mean you can have a custom experience according to your personal preferences. Trimmer fitting, looser fitting, bright and bold or muted and subtle. High-UPF fabrics to keep you sun safe, moisture-wicking fabrics to keep you dry, and wrinkle resistant fabrics for easy travel. Lighter weights to keep you cool or heavier fabrics for those who like a style with a bit more drape. Or any combination of those.

So make your features wish list and get ready to meet your new favorite. Here are a handful of options from our Men’s Collection to get you started toward finding your perfect polo.




One of our best sellers, this pique polo has excellent stretch and a trimmer, more modern fit. The Advantage Polo comes in more than two dozen colors, and a tri-blend fabric provides the performance of polyester and the softness of cotton, so it’s sure to become an instant wardrobe staple.





For those who like a more relaxed fit, the Championship Polo gives you room to breathe. Our top seller overall, this shirt is durable, washes well, and packs easily with its wrinkle-resistant pique cotton-poly blend.  




Hot weather is no match for this lighter, silky fabric that reviewers describe as very comfortable. Several women wrote in to say how great these look on their husbands, while the men proclaimed “Best I’ve owned!” and “I just love this.” Or simply, “Perfect.”




A bit heavier than the Northgate while still being lightweight, the Genre has a flattering drape and lots of vibrant colors to choose from. Durable polyester means no ironing, so it can go straight from the laundry to the golf course or office.




One of our softest polos, in untextured fabric and vibrant hues. Once they own one, customers love to come back for more, saying things like, “Would purchase again,” “Will definitely buy another,” and  “We’ve ordered more colors!”




Quick drying and soft, the Chelan gets an A+ as a hot-weather wardrobe staple. This one’s available in more than a dozen heathered shades, all with UPF 50+. 


There are a lot more where these came from. After all, you’ll need a perfect golf polo, a perfect office polo, a perfect travel polo….


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