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How to Find Your Fit

One big piece of news you might have missed is that Cutter & Buck now offers multiple fits in many shirts: Regular Fit and new Tailored Fit. So which one is right for you?

To find out, let’s look at two new woven shirts we’ve just introduced, the Anchor Gingham Shirt

 and the Anchor Gingham Tailored Fit Shirt. Both are sharp-looking dress shirts with Easy Care fabric, which means they’re machine washable and wrinkle-resistant. As you’ll see, the difference is all in the details:


Man wearing Cutter & Buck Anchor Gingham Shirt Man wearing Cutter & Buck Men's Anchor Gingham Tailored Fit Shirt

Regular Fit
-The standard used in most of our shirts
-A perfect combo of style and comfort
-Gives you room to play and perform

Tailored Fit
-A slimmer look that emphasizes style
-Closer to the body in chest and shoulders
-Shorter sleeves and body length

The tl;dr version here: if you want a more style-forward cut, go with Tailored Fit. If you want the classic Cutter & Buck style you’re used to, stick with Regular Fit.


What about sizes?

We’ve just updated our size and fit charts to include Tailored Fit, so if you want more information about which shirt is right for you – and you have a tape measure handy – we can help you find your size. Take measurements of your neck, chest, waist and sleeve length, then head right here.


Anchors aweigh!

While we’re talking about our new favorite dress shirt, the Gingham Shirt is just one of three designs we’ve introduced in the Anchor product family, all available in both fits and multiple colors. Check ‘em out!

Man wearing Cutter & Buck Men's Anchor Multicolor Plaid Shirt

Anchor Multicolor Plaid Shirt
Regular Fit & Tailored Fit 

Man wearing Cutter & Buck Men's Anchor Double Check Shirt

Anchor Double Check Shirt
Regular Fit & Tailored Fit