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Cutter and Buck's Guide to an Eco Friendly New Year

As the morning frost settles in, you know winter is here for the long haul. 

And, with another season comes change. With the new year right around the corner, you may be looking to create new routines and better habits. If living more sustainably is on your list, we have a few suggestions.

The key to sticking to a new year's resolution is setting realistic goals, which we’ve done with our Toward Ever Better initiative, ensuring our clothing will be 90% sustainable by 2025. We’re committed to making new eco-friendly clothes and changing up our old ways, like swapping 99% of our air-freight from our supply chain as with sea freight shipping, which we reduces CO2 emissions up to 30 times the typical rate. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, here’s our 8 favorite earth-friendly hacks - along with a few sustainable clothing picks too.

1. Choose a Better Water Bottle

Every minute, 1 million plastic water bottles are sold globally, and only a tiny percentage actually gets recycled. The smallest steps you can take to reduce this waste? Purchase a reusable water bottle, and opt for recyclable packaging materials at the grocery store. 

We believe plastic can have a longer life span, which is why our sustainable outerwear clothing is made from recycled water bottles.

For filling up before a long hike… 

Throw on our lightweight Cutter & Buck Rainer PrimaLoft Eco Insulated Full Zip Puffer Jacket, available in nearly a dozen shades for both men and women, and comes with a stowaway hood for rainy days. Plus, each puffer jacket is built with up to 5 recycled water bottles.

Product Details:

$200 - Ships Free

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Man wearing Cutter and Buck Rainier PrimaLoft Men's Eco Insulated Full Zip Puffer Jacketwomen's eco insulated full zip puffer jacket

2. Start a Clothing Swap

Ever purchase a print that just doesn’t fit your style anymore? As this piece by Country Living points out, you can give your clothes a second life by arranging a clothing swap with your friends. Even better, you can donate to a local charity through programs like Greendrop.

3. Skip the Dryer

Your dryer may be wasting more energy than you think. Commit to air drying your clothes at least once a week to give your electricity bill, and the planet, a break.

Woman wearing Cutter and Buck Eco Friendly Half Zip Pullover

For the drying rack…

Explore our Women’s Adapt Eco Knit Stretch Half Zip Pullover, built with cozy brushed-back fleece that’s blended with eco-friendly recycled drytec polyester that may just beat the typical dry time. This women's pullover is great for running errands or laundry day at home.

Product Details:

$70 - Ships Free

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4. Bring a Reusable Bag

When it’s time to pick your produce at the grocery store, be honest, do you really enjoy pulling apart the impossibly difficult plastic bags? Do yourself and the planet a favor by bringing a reusable bag instead. 


5. Park the Car

Is your favorite local coffee shop within walking distance? Try bracing the cold and bundle up for your caffeine fix. Bonus points if you bring a reusable mug, and some coffee shops might even refill it for a discount.

For the walk…

Check out our hybrid Men’s Adapt Eco Knit Hybrid Recycled Men’s Full Zip Jacket, built for year-round layering, and warmly wrapped with smooth 100% recycled polyester woven fabric. This men's jacket proves to be perfect for strolls to your favorite coffee shop or along the river.

Man Wearing The Adapt Eco Half Zip Pullover

Product Details:

$90 - Ships Free

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6. Use a Compostable Trash Bag

As the temperatures drop, you may opt to stay in for dinner. This means home-cooked masterpieces, with a side of extra messes. Try using a compostable trash bag to ensure your food waste breaks down easily.

7. Grill Smarter

There are small ways to make a big difference, especially for your food choices. According to the New York Times, if everyone in the U.S. reduced their meat consumption by just a quarter, we could save 82M metric tons of our greenhouse gas emissions per year. For the final tailgates of the season, surprise your friends by swapping out your usual spread with plant-based meat, and see if they can tell the difference.

For the grill, minus the chill..

Get ready for playoffs with our five-star rated Men's Rainier PrimaLoft® Eco Insulated Quilted Shirt Jacket, our eco friendly men's jacket with wind and water resistant technology, crafted with recycled polyester, and offered in six rich earth tones.

Two Men wearing the Cutter and Buck Rainier Jacket

Product Details:

$185 - Ships Free

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8. Head to the Farmers Market

Support local and sustainable food items by heading to your neighborhood farmers market. Not only will you be shopping for produce at the peak of its season, but you will be helping to eliminate food waste.

For sampling all the samples…

Rain or shine, throw on our Women’s Rainier PrimaLoft Eco Insulated Long Coat. Iconic and lightweight, this women's winter coat is a fan-favorite, and made with 70% recycled polyester. The sleek welt pockets are a comfy bonus too for carrying your gloves, keys, and phone.

Woman wearing Cutter and Buck Rainier Long Jacket

Product Details:

$215 - Ships Free

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Ready for more sleek, sustainable clothing styles? Head here: Cutter & Buck Sustainable Products

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