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5 Excellent Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2024


One of our favorite eco-friendly days of the year is on the horizon, so mark your calendars for Monday, April 22nd. 

Yes indeed, passionate planet protectors: Earth Day 2024 is almost here! There are so many ways to celebrate Earth Day, and we’re excited to share the thoughtful ideas our team came up with. If you’ve shopped with us before, you know protecting the planet through sustainability is a core part of our mission, and how we show up in our daily activities. 

Over the past decade, we’ve successfully scaled our eco-friendly all-season clothing lines, and remain committed to ensuring sustainable operation and production practices. For instance, our designers have discovered exceptionally creative ways to turn recycled materials into high-quality, long-lasting fabrics, such as our Primaloft® Silver insulation and Sherpa fleece.  

With planet protection and investment top of mind, here are a few ways to honor Earth Day— and all of Earth Month 2024!


Complete a Zero-Waste Day

Reusable tote bag for Earth Day

Ready for a challenge? It’s time for a zero-waste day. Essentially, try your best to eliminate or reduce wasteful practices throughout your day. 

If you have a work commute, you can reduce carbon emissions by choosing to walk, bike, or take public transit instead of driving. 

On a simpler level, avoid single-use plastics. This looks like opting for reusable Tupperware or using a reusable tote at the grocery store instead of plastic produce bags.

And while food waste can be tricky, start a compost bin and distribute your food waste appropriately. And if you reach the end of a container, like your oat milk, toss it in the recycling bin. Once you establish these habits, it will be easier to incorporate them into your daily lifestyle beyond Earth Day. 


Host a Clothing Swap

A huge piece of living sustainably is figuring out what items could be better served, or repurposed elsewhere. A great example of this is giving your wardrobe a second life.

We all go through style phases, but that doesn’t mean your outfits need to collect dust in your room. Grab a few friends or neighbors and host a clothing swap. You can even choose a theme like sweaters or athletic gear to make it easy for everyone to participate. This is a particularly great idea for formal wear, as wedding season is coming up.  

And for clothes that don’t get selected? Before you stuff them back in your drawer, head to your local clothing drop, or schedule a pick-up with a trusted organization. Then, enjoy the extra room in your closet.  


Host an Eco-Friendly Picnic

To truly enjoy Earth Day, spending time outside is key, even if it’s for a short amount of time. Whether you choose to take your lunch break outdoors or head to the park at sunset, pack a picnic basket, soft daypack cooler, or insulated lunch bag and enjoy a meal outside. Invite friends and family for a shared experience—or you can do this solo with a book, favorite podcast, or quiet time to reflect. 

Bring easy-to-eat snacks and reusable or biodegradable cups, plates, utensils, and napkins. Once you’ve wrapped up, double-check to ensure you leave no trash behind.


Exercise Outdoors

People immersing themselves in nature by doing outdoor yoga.

Whether you’re perfecting your yoga pose, taking a stroll, or going on a challenging run, it’s time to soak in the sun and fresh air. And if you’re feeling adventurous, find a local hiking trail to truly immerse yourself in nature. 

And if you have a favorite local fitness studio, see if they’re hosting any upcoming outdoor workout classes, whether it’s on Earth Day or throughout the month. Either way, grab your sneakers, headphones, and sunscreen and enjoy the refreshing experience that exercising outdoors offers. 


Clean up a Community Park 

A great way to celebrate Earth Day 2024 is to give back. It’s up to all of us to do better for our planet, and that means taking time to pitch in. Whether it’s your local park or beach, see if you can volunteer for an upcoming clean-up. 

And if there’s nothing local in your area, you can take the lead. Gather your neighbors, pack gloves, and trash bags, and get to it! While on the surface it may not seem like this small action will move the needle, these efforts truly make a difference in the long run. 

To stay comfortable for all outdoor Earth Day activities, gear up for unpredictable weather in our outfit picks below. 


Sustainable Clothing Styles for Him & Her


His Sustainable Style: Cutter & Buck Roam Eco Recycled Full Zip Men’s Jacket

Buttery soft and exceptionally versatile, this lightweight men’s jacket lives true to its name. It was built to roam in. With stretch rib piercing and spandex, it provides an extra level of mobility for any outdoor exercise, like a rigorous hike or run. Sustainably crafted with recycled plastic bottles, it also comes with a water-resistant finish for optional protection on rainy days. 

Eco-Friendly Jacket Features:

  • 66% Recycled Polyester, 4% Polyester, 26% Rayon, 4% Spandex Double Knit Interlock
  • DWR water-resistant finish keeps you protected in misty conditions
  • Material made from an average of 23 recycled plastic bottles
  • Secure Zip Pockets
  • Machine Wash

Price: $90.00 - Ships free!

Shop the Roam Eco Recycled Full Zip Men's Jacket 


Her Sustainable Style: Cutter & Buck Rainier PrimaLoft® Women’s Eco Insulated Full Zip Puffer Jacket

We all know Mother Nature is unpredictable—even on the day that celebrates her the most. Designed for shifting climates, this women’s jacket is the definition of adaptability. It has a concealed stowaway hood in the collar to transition easily from clear to cloudy skies and packs right into its pocket if temperatures climb. And for all-season balanced warmth, the thoughtfully engineered recycled insulation will keep you comfortable. 

Eco-Friendly Jacket Features:

  • Primaloft® Silver Insulation made from 70% recycled polyester
  • Contains an average of 5 recycled plastic bottles
  • Wind & water resistant
  • Full zip with front side pockets
  • Machine wash

Price: $200 - Ships free!

Shop the Rainier PrimaLoft® Womens Eco Insulated Full Zip Puffer Jacket


More Eco-Friendly Styles for Earth Day & Every Day

The key to sustainability is simple. We must remain conscious about our daily routines, and how we can continuously improve them. While protecting the planet may never be perfect, small steps sure do add up. To continue making your wardrobe more eco-friendly, check out our sustainable clothing styles for him and her, which we’re always excited to add to. We hope you have an excellent Earth Day 2024! Our fingers are crossed for optimal weather and meaningful experiences!